My Surprise Chat with Thieron

SEELKs fire & ice

Hello and welcome!

I got another surprise visit, a good one I have to say. Read on and find out who popped in for a chat.

Bet you thought I wouldn’t arrive in time.

I hear a man’s voice coming from behind me as I insert the key into the lock on the door of my office. My first thought is, is he talking to me? I turn to see a tall blonde drop dead gorgeous Elf. YES! Definitely for me.

I thought M.A. told you I would be arriving at around this time, The male Elf looks slightly apologetic.

It strikes me then that there was supposed to be a conversation between M.A. and I, but I got busy with meetings, then she was busy and, next thing we knew, it was time for me to head for home before the boss thought I was looking for more…

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Time for a change!

Okay, so I’m a total newbie at blogging so please be patient with me 😊

So I started this blog because of a certain company deciding that I was no longer allowed to post my HONEST reviews of products that I had purchased. What? Yep! Who would’ve thunk right? Well…I really don’t care! Ha! So here I am 😊 I will try my best to not disappoint you all by posting boring stuff. But, if you want a honest opinion then stick around as I figure this all out and give you some honest to goodness reviews for products, books, food, drink, clothes or whatever I may purchase that I feel personally people should get an honest opinion of.

Now hold on! My opinion is not the end all. I will only post MY OWN personal experience! I hope that is totally clear to everyone. Thank you!